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Have you ever stood before a class and recognized the following:

  • Teacher gives a scripture reference and realizes that the students cannot find it.
  • Students do not know the books in the Old and New Testament.
  • Students do not understand the divisions of the Bible.
  • Students do not know what books are found in the divisions.
  • Students cannot locate cities on Biblical maps.
  • Teacher realizes students do not have accurate information according to the scriptures.

Basic Bible Skills is a curriculum designed to work with students of all ages.

Preschool For preschoolers, the foundation is laid when the students are taught the books of the Bible through picture association. Although they cannot read, the use of these flipcharts has proven to be a very effective teaching method. Once the books of the Bible have been learned, students are introduced to a tabbed Bible which has corresponding pictures from the flipchart. Although these young students cannot read, they are able to locate any book in the Bible because of the knowledge they now have as a result of using the flipcharts with picture association. Students are introduced to Bible stories and are taught very easy memory verses as part of their program.

Elementary As students grow older and are promoted, advanced skills are introduced and serve as building blocks on the foundation attained as preschoolers. The teacher will assist students in becoming familiar with every aspect of their Bible. They will be taught the Divisions of the Bible and distinctive highlights contained within each book of a Division. They will learn details about each book such as the author and when the book was written. Memory work is introduced as part of their program. In addition to this knowledge, students will be taught the use of Bible maps. Basic Bible Skills games serve as retention tools to ensure that students have a full understanding and knowledge of the scriptures.

High School Now that students have a firm foundation, teachers can build on that knowledge with a more in depth study of subjects covered in previous years. In addition, booklets on Acts of Worship, Plan of Salvation and Fruit of the Spirit have been compiled with information and scripture references for students in this age group. Biblical knowledge is reviewed through the use of retention tools like Riddle Me This, Basic Bible Facts and Bible Duos.

Basic Bible Skills Kits

  • Bible Stories for Preschoolers
  • Books of the Bible through Picture
  • Association Flipcharts
  • Tabbed Bible with corresponding pictures
  • Old and New Testament Flashcards
  • I KNOW (Pre-K)
  • Acts of Worship Flipchart
  • What’s in Your Pocket?
  • Teacher Manual
  • Student Binder
  • Old & New Testament Drill Cards
  • Bible Map Drill
  • Who's In Your Pocket? - Edition 1
  • Bible Duos - Edition 1
  • Riddle Me This - Edition 1
  • Significance of Numbers
  • I KNOW
    High School
  • Teacher Manual
  • Student Binder
  • Bible Duos - Edition 2
  • Riddle Me This - Edition 2
  • Basic Bible Facts - Editions 1 and 2
  • Acts of Worship Booklet
  • Plan of Salvation Booklet
  • Fruit of the Spirit Booklet

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