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What are students & teachers saying about Basic Bible Skills?

Laura Wade, Teacher, San Angelo Christian Homeschool Association (SACHA)

This package is really user friendly and suitable for a wide age range. We were able to successfully adapt it to a two semester setting on the Old Testament. We had 26 kids the final semester. I did a survey at the end and some of the favorite games were Star Drills, Jeopardy and I KNOW. My favorite part was that the assignments were already made and the questions for each highlight were already compiled (with answers). It is really ideal for someone with little prep time such as myself. However, there is plenty of room to individualize the program for specific purposes. Next year, we plan to teach Old Testament again and offer New Testament for another class. Since our homeschool group is very diverse religiously, it was exactly what we needed in the form of a curriculum that would teach the children without actually teaching "doctrine" so that everyone felt comfortable. I thought it was a great curriculum. Not only did my students learn a great deal, but I learned a lot as well.

Sarah Wade, Student, San Angelo Christian Homeschool Association (SACHA)

I thought Basic Bible Skills was a really fun class for our co-op group. I really enjoyed it!

Clarita Bryan, Elliott Street Church of Christ, Breckenridge, TX

We at Elliott Street Church of Christ in Breckenridge, TX are very enthusiastic about the Basic Bible Skills curriculum we have been using for several months.

Although it was originally developed for 2nd - 6th grades, the teachers I have teaching my 2-4 year olds have adapted the material for their age group and it is amazing to see how much they have been able to learn and retain using the principles of Basic Bible Skills.

We are using the material as it is presented for our K-5th grades and are having exciting results. They are learning and retaining so much.

In our Junior High level, the teachers have used the Basic Bible Skills principles and increased the difficulty level for them. They are extremely pleased with what the students are learning and how much they are retaining of what they have learned.

Our older classes and adults are being considered for using the same principles for their classes. We feel the information in the Basic Bible Skills concept is something we can all benefit from.

Andrea Young, Director, Solid Rock Christian Home Educators, Williamsburg, KY

As a director of a growing home school co-op, we have a mix of different denominations and Basic Bible Skills has proven to be the best curriculum for children to learn about the Bible without incorporating doctrine. Younger children have enjoyed the idea of learning about the Bible through games, while the older ones love the challenge and competitiveness of playing on teams. I loved the kit so much that I bought another one for my own personal use in my home school classroom with my kids and for my Sunday School class. This is the only Bible curriculum you will ever need. It covers each book of the Bible, giving scripture to memorize, games go play, lessons that will always be remembered, and fun for all ages. Thank you Don-Ann for following the Lord and making this available for us. Basic Bible Skills is truly a Blessing!

Basic Bible Skills Kits

  • Bible Stories for Preschoolers
  • Books of the Bible through Picture
  • Association Flipcharts
  • Tabbed Bible with corresponding pictures
  • Old and New Testament Flashcards
  • I KNOW (Pre-K)
  • Treasure Boxes
  • Acts of Worship Flipchart
  • What’s in Your Pocket?
  • Teacher Manual
  • Student Binder
  • Old & New Testament Drill Cards
  • Bible Map Drill
  • Who's In Your Pocket? - Edition 1
  • Bible Duos - Edition 1
  • Riddle Me This - Edition 1
  • Significance of Numbers
  • I KNOW
    High School
  • Teacher Manual
  • Bible Duos - Edition 2
  • Riddle Me This - Edition 2
  • Basic Bible Facts - Editions 1 and 2
  • Show Me What You Know
  • Acts of Worship Booklet
  • Plan of Salvation Booklet
  • Fruit of the Spirit Booklet

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